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CP Top Cover offers wide-ranging insurance protection for those individuals who operate in hostile regions and who require close protection insurance. Our team has extensive knowledge of the type of bodyguard insurance cover required around the world. You can choose the right insurance cover to suit your needs.

Our experienced team can also review the details you have supplied with a view to providing you with a number of illustrations and benefit options by telephone or email, whatever is convenient for you. We understand that if you are based overseas, arranging close protection insurance in the UK is not always straightforward and we are happy to help you accordingly.

We are solely committed to assisting close protection operators to obtain relevant 'Top Cover' insurance.

Benefits of using CP Top Cover

Choose the cover you need
Direct debit available
Competitive premiums for worldwide cover
Temporary assignments covered

Countries covered include:

Area 1

High Risk Areas - Aghanistan, Chad, Chechnya, Columbia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Israel (West Bank/Gaza), Ivory Coast, Krygistan, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan , South Sudan, Syria, Yemen

Area 2

Medium Risk Areas - Algeria, Central African Republic, DRC, Guinea, Nigeria, Madagascar, India, Turkey, Kenya, Guinea-Bissau

Area 3

Medium Risk Areas - Bangladesh, Burundi, Cameroon, Eritrea, Georgia, Iran, Kosovo, Mali, Mexico, Nepal, Phillipines, Russia, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, Zimbabwe

Area 4

Low Risk - All other countries

Key Features of our Global
Close Protection Insurance

Life (natural causes)
Personal Accident
Sickness Cover
Emergency Medical Repatriation
Medical Expenses Worldwide
Kit Cover

For further information on the coverage of this policy as well as policy exclusions, please see our Policy Summary and Policy Wording.